Another look at After the Storm

The other day I posted an image that was taken after a recent storm.

It was a 5 image HDR and although it did look a little unrealistic in parts, I submitted it in this month’s competition to my local camera club (Workshop Camera Club).

The judge gave it first place in the open colour print section but also commented on the relationship between the sky and the water.

So after the meeting one of the better Photoshop guys mentioned a way of toning down the HDR look by using active blur. Active Blur is applied to a new layer then the opacity is pulled bach to about 5 – 8 %.

I think it worked on this image and has toned down the over saturated colour look that it had.


~ by Rob Lewis on April 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Another look at After the Storm”

  1. I like them both as the light, water and sky conditions combined for a fabulous composition for you. Of the two, I like this one just a tad more but either one would look great hanging in a sunny room facing an ocean or lake. Daring the next storm to show up.

  2. Hello!

    Can I ask you from permission of using your photography as a source for my oil painting for a school competition? Please? Thank you so much!


  3. This is beautiful. I came across it when doing a google image search for sky after the storm.

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