Wild and Wet

Towards the end of June I was in Margaret River along with some wild, wet weather (which I love). I went out to Canal Rocks hoping to get some awesome wave shots but the wind and spray was just too much for my lens. I couldn’t keep it clean for long enough.

In an attempt to get some cover from the spray I went out along the viewing bridge but there was still too much spray. With the awsome storm surging over the rocks and under the bridge I saw a shot that I wanted to get but it took me two mornings to get the right shot.

The first morning I just got rained and sprayed on. Not that I minded but the front of the lens was a mess. The second day I used a shower cap over the front of the lens which allowed me to focus and get the right exposure. I then took the shower cap off for a second or so while I took the shot and then re covered the lens. Seems fine in theory but I had to keep going back to the car to clean the lens as the wind, spray and rain still made it difficult.

In the end I got this shot. The sun had just peeked up from the horizon behind me and through some of the cloud cover.

Bridge Over Troubled Water


~ by Rob Lewis on July 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wild and Wet”

  1. This is an awesome shot, well worth the effort!

  2. Hard core. Looks like Nepal meets Canal Rocks! Very moody shot, definately a keeper!

  3. Great title for this dramatic image Rob. Looks great.

  4. […] connected by a bridge 06/01/2011 by Connie var addthis_product = 'wpp-254'; (photo credit here) […]

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