Redgate Revisited

Well yesterday I posted an image of Redgate Beach on an overcast morning.

I must admit that I wasn’t really that happy with it. As a jpeg reduced sized image it was dark and had a lot of random colours (magenta, blue and red) in the sky caused when I used Topaz Adjust plug in.

Originally I had tried to get rid of the colours by using NIK Color Efex Pro but with little success. Then during the day I received my Photo club’s (Workshop Camera Club) newsletter  where there was an article on Removing Chromatic Aberration using Photoshop. It demonstrated how to use the Hue/Saturation tool to remove the purple fringing using the magenta channel.

I applied that to the sky (using a layer mask) to the magenta, blue and red channels and it worked well. I also increased the brightness and this seems to have helped the image as well.

Redgate Revisited

Redgate Revisited




~ by Rob Lewis on February 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Redgate Revisited”

  1. This version is much nicer, in my opinion. Well done, mate.

  2. Hi Rob I’m sorry to say that I’m not to keen on the sky mate, its a bit out there for me.

    Did you take this with a wide angle?

  3. Hi Rob,

    I love the moody sky in this one. Redgate is such an awesome place to shoot.

    Well Done.

    Jamie Paterson

  4. Thanks for the responses, it just goes to show we all have different tastes. On the day the sky was reaaly dull and I used the Topaz plugin to get something out of the clouds. I guess it just depends how far you go. Me I like moody overdone skys. I might have another look at one of the other images to see if I can get something a little less dramatic and see how that goes.

  5. Sorry mate, but this looks awful. Decent composition ruined by over compensation in photoshop. Get out there and feel the landscape, don’t try and create it on the computer.

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