Injidup Dreaming

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Injidup Dreaming1418 80x30






Injidup Dreaming – One of a series taken at Injidup Rock near Yallingup, in South West Western Australia and enhanced with my friends from Adobe PS.

I’ll be donating an 80x20cm version of this to the 6th Annual Margaret River Auction on Saturday June 1st


Another look at After the Storm

•April 9, 2010 • 3 Comments

The other day I posted an image that was taken after a recent storm.

It was a 5 image HDR and although it did look a little unrealistic in parts, I submitted it in this month’s competition to my local camera club (Workshop Camera Club).

The judge gave it first place in the open colour print section but also commented on the relationship between the sky and the water.

So after the meeting one of the better Photoshop guys mentioned a way of toning down the HDR look by using active blur. Active Blur is applied to a new layer then the opacity is pulled bach to about 5 – 8 %.

I think it worked on this image and has toned down the over saturated colour look that it had.

After the Storm

•April 6, 2010 • 5 Comments

We had a first class storm last week. It was a ferocious storm with a lot of wind and hail damage.

I live on the 5th level of an apartment block in Applecross, Western Australia. It is the top floor with a lot of glass and when it hit I was genuinely concerned that a lot of my window glass would give way, but it held. I was so preoccupied with it’s ferocity that I didn’t even take any pictures.

The following day I went out into the bay in front of the apartment and a boat had dragged it’s mooring and ended up stranded on shore but the sky had those amazing after storm clouds.

This image is an HDR taken about 06:30am as the sun was rising. The water was clam but the sky showed some of the storm aftermath.

I took pictures of this boat for the next week until it was finally taken back to its mooring.

After the Storm

Ride the Wild Surf

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Another one of the surfers at Margaret River in the South West of Western Australia just after Christmas 2009 at about 6:50am.

Taken from the steps on the beach with my 7D, a 100-400L and a 1.4 Extender.

Rocket Man

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I was looking for something to submit for this month’s competition at my photography club ( when I came across this recent shot that I took at Margaret River Beach in the South West of Western Australia. It was taken just after Christmas last year (2009).

I took several on the day but this little guy appealed to me as he rocketed down the wave.

River of my Youth

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I was reminded of this photo that I took last year when I saw Jamie’s post

I grew up in the suburb of Manning (on the right of this photo) in suburban Perth in Western Australia. My Dad was the local milkman and had milkrounds in several suburbs around here.

In the 60’s my Dad and I water skied from deep water point (where this jetty is) and surrounds. In the 70’s I rowed out of the rowing sheds at Canning Bridge in the distance (with ANA Rowing Club) and I really haven’t gone too far from here.

I now live at the Raffles Apartments which is the tall structure in the distance.

It’s really been a good lifestyle growing up here – and nice to see the wildlife such as dolphins and black swans coming back.

Wild and Wet

•July 14, 2009 • 4 Comments

Towards the end of June I was in Margaret River along with some wild, wet weather (which I love). I went out to Canal Rocks hoping to get some awesome wave shots but the wind and spray was just too much for my lens. I couldn’t keep it clean for long enough.

In an attempt to get some cover from the spray I went out along the viewing bridge but there was still too much spray. With the awsome storm surging over the rocks and under the bridge I saw a shot that I wanted to get but it took me two mornings to get the right shot.

The first morning I just got rained and sprayed on. Not that I minded but the front of the lens was a mess. The second day I used a shower cap over the front of the lens which allowed me to focus and get the right exposure. I then took the shower cap off for a second or so while I took the shot and then re covered the lens. Seems fine in theory but I had to keep going back to the car to clean the lens as the wind, spray and rain still made it difficult.

In the end I got this shot. The sun had just peeked up from the horizon behind me and through some of the cloud cover.

Bridge Over Troubled Water